Ayza Sofa set

Crafted to perfection, this set of furniture is designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience for you and your loved ones. With plush cushions, supportive backrests, and sturdy frames, every component of the sofa set is tailored to enhance your seating experience.


azya sofa setazya sofa setazya sofa set

Will Sofa Cushions Soften Over Time?

Will Sofa Cushions Soften Over Time? At Merlo Point, we know that you want your sofa to be as comfortable as possible, especially after a long day. That's why we use high-quality materials in our sofas, including our cushions. But what if your new sofa cushions are a little too firm? Don't worry, they will soften over time. The amount of time it takes for sofa cushions to soften depends on a few factors, including the type of foam used in the cushions, the density of the foam, and how often you use the sofa. Types of foam There are two main types of foam used in sofa cushions: polyurethane foam and down feather filling. Polyurethane foam is the most common type of foam used in sofa cushions, and it is also the most durable. Down feather filling is softer than polyurethane foam, but it is also less durable. Density of the foam The density of the foam is another factor that affects how soft sofa cushions are. The higher the density of the foam, the firmer the cushions will be. However, high-density foam cushions will also last longer. How often you use the sofa The more you use your...


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